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Cover Version No
Royalty Free Yes
CD/MP3 albums 1
BPM variabel
Duration ca. 64 min.
Explicit Lyrics No
Classes Fascia Training, Healthy Back, Pilates, Rehabilitation, Relaxation, Stretch, Yoga
Music style Chill, Instrumental
Yoga meets Pilates Yoga and Pilates have a lot in common. Yoga focuses on breathing, flexibility and inner balance. Pilates gives strength and tones the body. Yogilates brings both together. Let the music inspire and guide you and combine the strengths of both exercise techniques. At the beginning you will receive a track for breathing meditation and setting the mood. This is followed by calm, clear and relaxed sounds with deep, non-dominant beats, but with a certain dynamic that ideally supports mobilization, stabilization and flows (interlocking and flowing exercises). After about 40 minutes comes a 10 minute dynamic part (tracks 09 + 10) with 120 BPM, for dynamic flows and exercises. The end delivers the perfect deep relaxation. A wonderful enrichment for yoga, pilates, fascia training and stretching. Listen in, try it and enjoy the positive sounds.
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