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Cross- & Athletic Training Music

To get the most out of your cross-training or athletic training, you'll get a lot of beats and motivating sounds. You can find all this here in our MOVE YA! webshop. We offer you the raw sound that motivates you to swing the Kettlebells and Ropes twice more.

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Crosstraining like Bootcamp or CrossFit® and also athletic training is all about achieving maximum performance and finding your own limits. MOVE YA! provides you with the right music to go with it. When you think you can't go on, the beat drives you. That is pure motivation. Our DJs deliver unique and cool remixes of the latest songs. Our MOVE YA! compilation tip: goDeep Spirit + Body Boost By the way, with MY! MUSIC LICENSE you can license the appropriate royalty-free background music for your creative fitness video project quickly and at a reasonable price or you can have us compile or produce your individual mix compilation.