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Exactly 20 years ago today, on September 10th, 1999, Anke Hauerwaas and her former business partner went to the trade office in Hamburg and sealed the birth of MOVE YA!.
The vision then and now: Just be different and create a very special training tool.

On this occasion, we want to celebrate with you and ignite a musical fireworks.
From now on we have promotions and daily specials for you, which we share here and on Facebook.


20% on the music products of the entire royalty-free MOVE YA! publishing house

Ten years ago we sat down with our music producers with the aim of offering excellent, royalty-free music.
The royalty-free repertoire of MOVE YA! is characterized by its high professional quality standard.
All music titles have been produced by DJs with composers and movement experts in a creative process.
You get the best music at a very reasonable price.
We offer you a royalty-free guarantee, which means that all titles used on our royalty-free marked compilations are 100% royalty-free.
Secure the savings effect now!
From now up to and including Sunday, 15.12. you will receive 20% on the entire category.



on the occasion of our 20th birthday we have created THE ULTIMATIVE 20 YEARS SURVIVOR MEGAMIX
Mixed by the unique DJ FlimFlam, the world's best MEGAMIX producer, you will find the best of 20 years (MOVE YA!) music history in this unique compilation for the very special price of 19.90$.