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  • MY! UNLIMITED FREE Music & Film - Gym plus MY! UNLIMITED FREE Music & Film - Gym plus

MY! UNLIMITED FREE Music & Film - Gym plus: 12-months-deal

Quick Overview

MY! UNLIMITED FREE Music & Film GYM PLUS is the monthly royalty-free fitness music subscription on your mobile phone or tablet for studios, clubs, associations and practices.

It guarantees access via APP to over 150 MOVE YA! group fitness mixes check the current repertoire * and more every month. On the one hand, the subscription allows you to use the music for public playback for teaching purposes. On the other hand, it includes the right to use the music for audiovisual recordings that can be used on all social media channels and via video-on-demand (streaming only, no download). Worldwide and for an unlimited time.

Choose the right mix according to your own workout, class and mood and teach analogue as well as digital.

PLUS: In contrast to the GYM subscription tariff, this tariff allows the subscriber to offer online services for a fee.

* except for a few mixes (like some AROHA & Lucia Schmidt titles)

Type of contract: Subscription
Duration: 12 months, automatic renewal if subscription is not cancelled 6 weeks before the end of the 12 months.

Qualified: physical fitness studio (1 location) & sports club, assosiations, individual trainer (annual turnover over 50.000 €)

Access to MY! UNLIMITED FREE per App (just “download“ within the app) - each storage on 2 mobile devices
Access to music library incl. mix download

Public performance with the music for educational purposes

Use of the music for audiovisual projects in the following framework:
Commercial use / usage (self-marketing)
Free use within the existing gym membership
Use with costs, e.g. online courses with costs or added fees for members / customers
Publication of the filmed projects must be within the period in which the subscription is active.

Streaming (video-on-demand platforms)
Social media: Facebook, Instagram, Zoom, Twitch, Youtube, etc. (each via the subscriber's channel)
Own homepage
No download of the produced videos
No mechanical duplication (CD/DVD)

Number of videos: unlimited
Performers: Shooting with different main actors
License duration: unlimited for films shot during the current subscription
Each posted video must include the following source attribution: Music courtesy of MOVE YA! (mark us with @MOVEYA on the appropriate platforms!)
Publication of videos only under the subscriber's name / offer name & on their media channel
Monthly notification of the films shot to MOVE YA! via online form

Addition to the subscription:
Further music access MY! UNLIMITED FREE 7,99 € per account (each storage on 2 mobile devices) - on request
For multiple locations (1 studio shoots, films are used by all the individual studios in the chain) film usage license for 1 additional location 9.99 € per studio - on request
$89.99 incl. VAT
$89.99 incl. VAT

Additional Information

CD/MP3 albums 1