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Relaxation & Stretching Music

Relaxation music is a big part of MOVE YA! The wide range of music with a calm character includes the possibilities of relaxation after sports or stretching, as well as the possibility to get into a kind of deep relaxation after a stressed working day.
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The aim of relaxation music is to free your head from its thoughts and worries and to get into a flow. Soft sounds support you during relaxation or stretching and let you forget your surroundings for a moment. Spherical sounds and/or noises from nature form the perfect sound carpet for your relaxation or stretching sessions. Our MOVE YA! compilation tip: Let Your Inside Flow + Buddha Balance By the way, you can have your individual compilation put together with us. We offer you with MY! MUSIC LICENSE the most diverse possibilities to create your very own personal music project or to have it produced by our experienced DJs to bring your participants musically into a desired emotional state.