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Music for your sports and fitness activities

Properly used music is an enormous motivating factor for movement and mood. The passion for both is the driving force that has made MOVE YA! the European market leader in sports and fitness music. This expertise and our mission to achieve more efficient training through music are the driving forces behind our ambition to provide our customers with music innovations and optimal service time and time again.
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For over 20 years we have been the market leader in the sports and fitness music sector and provide group fitness instructors, personal trainers, physiotherapists and sports enthusiasts with outstanding products for their individual or group training. Thus we offer the optimal sound carpet for almost every sport and fitness activity with the right music for every musical taste. Our mixes are mixed in a 32 sheet, i.e. you get music without interruptions between the individual tracks. In order to meet your demands as a trainer, our DJs meticulously make sure that the tension arcs within the songs and between the songs run perfectly. All mix compilations are optimally adapted to your training structure, so that the music is more moderate in the warm-up part and attracts in the main part in such a way that it carries away every participant and trainee. The cool down songs round off the hour and leave a lot of room for your creativity and interpretations. Use our filter to find the right music for your activity or course type in the corresponding category, differentiated by music style/genre and BPM or royalty-free/ obligatory.