Our Royalty-free Guarantee

MOVE YA! guarantees its customers that all compilations marked royalty-free on our website and in MY! RADIO royalty-free or MY! UNLIMITED royalty-free are 100% ROYALTY COLLECTING SOCIETY free.

All titles have been checked for this. If you have any problems with ROYALTY COLLECTING SOCIETIES regarding our music or other rights exploitation societies, you are welcome to refer them directly to us.

You can also order our royalty-free music as a single song or as a compilation as music for film, social media, websites and/or advertising.

Legally compliant use of royalty-free music

MOVE YA! has a written declaration of exemption for all music titles licensed as royalty-free. In the ROYALTY COLLECTING SOCIETIES exemption declaration, the composer of the music title is named and it is confirmed in writing that the music title is not ROYALTY COLLECTING SOCIETIES -liable.

MOVE YA! makes confirmation of the ROYALTY COLLECTING SOCIETIES exemption available to all customers for regular checks by ROYALTY COLLECTING SOCITY employees.

This confirmation is important because ROYALTY COLLECTING SOCIETIES generally assume that every music creator has concluded a contract with a ROYALTY COLLECTING SOCITY. As long as a user cannot prove otherwise, ROYALTY COLLECTING SOCIETIES assumes that the user must pay ROYALTY COLLECTING SOCIETIES fees.

The MOVE YA! Confirmation of the ROYALTY COLLECTING SOCIETIES exemption serve as certification during on-site inspections by a ROYALTY COLLECTING SOCITY that the subscribed / purchased music is royalty-free and that the user therefore does not have to pay ROYALTY COLLECTING SOCIETIES fees. If you need a confirmation for your purchases made with us, contact us at info@move-ya.de

What are ROYALTY COLLECTING SOCIETIES like f.e. GEMA, SUISA, AKM? - Information about collecting societies and royalty-free music.

For many musicians, collecting societies such as GEMA (Germany), SUISA (Switzerland), AKM (Austria), STIM (Sweden) – for more information about your country check https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_copyright_collection_societies - take all legal steps to protect the copyright of their works. However, collecting societies such as GEMA. AKM and SUISA only represent the copyrights of their members. However, musicians do not have to be members of these organisations. They can also grant the licence for their works themselves and charge their own licence fee for it.

With MOVE YA!, this license fee for public performance is included in the purchase price of the mix or the monthly usage fee. Accordingly, the music is referred to as license-, SUISA-, AKM- or royalty-free with regard to public performance. Buyers / subscribers can significantly reduce their costs by saving fees through royalty-free music.

How does the ROYALTY COLLECTING SOCITY association perform its tasks?

Works by musicians are protected by copyright in Germany and many other countries around the world. Only the creator himself is entitled to permit the commercial use of his works. This permission is usually granted in the form of a license.

The practice of monitoring the media and public areas with regard to the use of protected music is not easy and can hardly be realized by the individual music creator. ROYALTY COLLECTING SOCITIES therefore assumes this task for its members and at the same time acts as their "collection" department.

Among other things, ROYALTY COLLECTING SOCIETIES carry out control visits to restaurants, hotels, trade fairs and shopping centres. This checks whether the operators of the restaurant, hotel, etc. can present written permission from the artist or ROYALTY COLLECTING SOCIETIES for the public performance of the respective work for commercial purposes.

Anyone who wishes to use music from ROYALTY COLLECTING SOCIETIES members must obtain a licence for public musical performance from ROYALTY COLLECTING SOCIETIES. ROYALTY COLLECTING SOCIETIES distributes the income from these license sales to its members according to a sophisticated procedure - less the costs for monitoring services and its internal administrative apparatus.

Rights in royalty-free music

Royalty-free music is often referred to as freely available music, which does not mean that this music can be used automatically free of charge. The purchase of our compilations includes only the free public performance of the music. The use and reproduction of the music digitally or physically, as well as the use as background music for film, social media, websites, advertising and the like requires a separate request and licensing by us.