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Pilates Music

In this category you will find the right music mixes for your effective Pilates workout. From chillout sounds to house & dance beats, we offer you the optimal, motivating music for your Pilates classes.
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The systematic whole-body training Pilates, or the Pilates method, offers a variety of possibilities. The classical Pilates is based on a fixed sequence on the mat or on Pilates equipment. Contemporary Pilates is not subject to a fixed order and leaves you with many creative possibilities for lesson planning and music use. Here the MOVE YA! compilations are ideal for the musical accompaniment of your Pilates class. Our MOVE YA! compilation tip: Pilates & Workout Series + Chill House Pilates #5 With the Pilates & Workout Compilation in the MY! Subscription you can save money and time. The MY! Subscription for our 3 times yearly series continuously provides you with the best music. You choose your preferred option and, as a subscription customer, you will receive your excellent DJ mix delivered to you fresh from the press plant as soon as it's released, or you can download it for your own enjoyment.