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Fitness workout flexibly from home or on the road, without large equipment, whenever the customer wants it.

Virtual fitness classes make it possible, for free or for a fee. Online platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Zoom, etc. offer simple technical solutions to offer classes as LIVE-session or on-demand.

The appropriate background music in the video has a decisive effect on the effectiveness of the workout.

Music in Fitness Classes
What is generally to be considered legal?

In general, there are two rights / licenses to be considered when using music in class - royalty-free or royalty-managed:

  1. Label rights: The labels grant the rights/licenses so that a song/recording can be used in a mix (CD or MP3). This license is obtained by us as music producer. You pay them for the use in class indirectly through the purchase or subscription price. The purchase/subscription only includes the right of audio use, not the right to use the music for audio-visual projects (videos/films). This requires a separate license.
  2. Publishing rights: The publishers represent the composers and authors of a song. For the use/performance of the music there are two relevant rights/licenses which must be obtained:
    1. The right for public performance: the publishers have transferred this right to royalty collecting society for public performance (RCSfPP) in your country like SACEM (France), Kodak (Denmark), MCPS-PRS (UK), SIAE (Italy), SGAE (Spain), etc. which charges fees for it.
    2. For film projects: The permission to use music in connection with film, the dubbing right, which the publishers grant directly. This right must be obtained from the publishers for each production for each song.

What music may I use
for online training?

Use of royalty-managed music for livestream (no storage)

In most of European countries you can use royalty-managed music for this purpose if

  1. the music is licensed for commercial purposes (teaching)
  2. the right is licensed for public performance by
    1. via Facebook, YouTube or Instagram, if these platforms have general agreement with the RCSfPP in your country
    2. or you have a contract with your RCSfPP that includes online performances.
  3. 3. the synchronisation rights have been obtained. This is currently not actively checked or demanded by the publishers, but these rights are neither included in the general agreements with your RCSfPP nor have the publishers waived this right. This means that these rights and the associated claims can be asserted at any time.

The permission of the labels to use the music for livestreams is based on the current legal assessment that a livestream should be treated like a live studio session. Again, there is no clear legal basis.

Use of royalty-managed music for video-on-demand (storage)

You can use royalty-managed music for this if

  1. the music is licensed for commercial use (teaching) and for the audiovisual use (music & film)
  2. an agreement that includes online performance and storage of the music/film recording has been made with the RCSfPP
  3. the synchronisation rights have been obtained from the publisher

Use of royalty-free music for livestream & video-on-demand (storage)

You can use royalty-free music for this if

  1. the music is licensed for commercial purposes (teaching) and for audiovisual use (music & film).

MOVE YA! has developed various licensing models with which you can license single film projects as well as unlimited film projects for online training via flat rate.

What is royalty-free music and what advantages does it have?

For royalty-free music, the composers and authors are not members of RCSfPP. Accordingly, no royalties are payable for public use of the music. The right to public performance in live lessons is included in the purchase/subscription price.

Non-membership of RCSfPP says nothing about the professionalism or talent of a musician. In particular, the roylaty-free repertoire of MOVE YA! is characterized by its high professional quality standard: varied, deep and broad in sound, mostly produced with vocals and attention to detail. Check out our music!

All titles of our royalty-free music catalog are 100% exclusive and copyrighted. This includes video dubbing license for audiovisual recordings like your online fitness video projects. Additional rights of use from authors (publishers) and collecting societies such as GEMA, AKM, SUISA, PPL, BMI, ASCAP, SACEM, etc. do not have to be obtained and no further costs arise for you.

Perfect royalty free music for online fitness classes
(Live + On-Demand)
Single licenses & Flat Rate subscription

Our license models are generally aimed at everyone who wants to make films / videos with our music. For personal trainers, group fitness instructors, individual studios / clubs, we offer the flat rate MY! UNLIMITED FREE Music & Film, for everyone else we have the STANDARD and BUSINESS LICENSES or, on request, specially tailored flat rate offers.

Get perfect background music for your fitness workout videos, worldwide and unlimited in time.