MOVE YA! is the expert for fitness music in Europe. For more than 20 years we are leading with our mixes and the guarantor for fun, motivation and success in fitness training. Thousands of group fitness instructors and millions of sports and fitness enthusiasts trust us with their choice of music.


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That is our vision. Whether it's individual or group training, our international DJ & producer team will provide you with the hottest tracks and latest music for your classes. Whether chart hits, pop, dance, electronic, house, trance, chill out, rock or party music - you will find the right mix for your workout. Almost all playlists are in 32 count and mixed. Available as CD, MP3 download or flat rate subscription.

In addition, we offer you as a fitness music expert special products:

Upgrade Your Workout - with the free MY! APP you have access to your music and mixes anytime and anywhere, whether purchased or as audio-on-demand subscription. Use the APP features for your workout: music player, speed control, creation of individual playlists and mix tool.

MY! UNLIMITED is our affordable fitness music subscription in different variations on your phone or tablet with access to e.g. 530+ Ready-To-Go Group-Fitness Mixes.

With MY! MUSIC LICENSE you can find royalty free music tracks and mixes for online fitness and video productions for use on YouTube, websites, etc.

With MY! RADIO you get motivating, high quality background music for the appropriate atmosphere in the fitness studio, wellness/SPA, practice, rehab or hotel area.

In addition to workout and fitness music mixes, we also have motivating training DVDs and the right fitness accessories for your work as a trainer, e.g. our Micro Belt, suitable for all popular stations, also ideal for running.

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