MOVE YA! App News

In December, the time has finally come: our new FITNESS MUSIC PLUS app will be launched.

Our new app will replace the current app, with both apps running in parallel until the end of March 2024. In addition to an interval creator,

functionality and stability have been improved.


Prepare yourself and back up your self-created mixes in the current app now. The same applies to your current downloads. You no longer need a Google account for this.



Click on the BACK UP/RESTORE button to save your self-created playlists in the current app and make them available to the new app.


Create a backup copy of your playlists by clicking the green BACK UP button. Please only use this button so that an import into the new app is possible.

BackUp Installation

as soon as our new APP is online, you can import the backed up playlists under Settings. We will explain this to you step by step when the time comes!


  1. Due to the amount of data, a maximum of 38 playlists can be saved and uploaded again.
  2. The process of saving and loading requires a stable network connection that is as fast as possible.
  3. Previous back-ups in your Google account cannot be imported into the new app. Please create a new backup now.






Use the mix engine in your webshop account to create your own playlists. To do this, log in to your account on the website. Under the MIX MACHINE navigation point,

go to CREATE PLAYLIST, select your tracks, mix them as required and save them. You can find all the playlists you have created under MY PLAYLIST.
The advantage here is that all self-created lists are saved and can be downloaded to your mobile device and deleted again as required.

You can find the playlists in the new FITNESS MUSIC PLUS under MY PLAYLIST by clicking on the + icon under Shared Playlist.


If you have any questions please contact us: +49 4171 795 99 0 oder