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Running / Jogging & Walking Music

In this category you will find the best music for your outdoor running, running or walking unit. With the right music in your ears, running, jogging or walking is simply more fun.
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On this page you will find an optimal selection of mixes and music genres that will effectively accompany you while jogging or walking or combined with our MY! APP and a portable loudspeaker to set the beat for a running group. From motivating beats to driving sounds you will find the right music in our webshop. So that you can really have fun while running or walking, our MOVE YA! DJs have compiled the best hits and songs for you. Let the beat carry you away and let unique, sometimes exclusive remixes transport you to another world. With the MOVE YA! compilations from the online shop, you'll always have the right musical accompaniment for running or walking. Our MOVE YA! compilation tip: Step Experience + Power Aerobic Series