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Toning, Fatburner & Belly Legs Butt Workout Music

Here you are in the MOVE YA! world of toning, the tightening of your muscles. We offer you a variety of music styles, which will perfectly accompany your toning, belly legs butt or fat burning classes and will enthuse your participants.
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For your toning classes the MOVE YA! webshop offers a variety of mixes with unique music, which are perfectly suited for this type of lesson, to support an effective training for muscle definition and shaping or tissue tightening in a musically motivating way and to ensure a good mood. Our MOVE YA! compilation tip: Chart Attack + Pilates & Workout Series With the Chart Attack compilation on the MY! Subscription you can save money and time. The MY! Subscription for our 3 times a year series provides you with the best music on a continuous basis. As a subscription customer, you can choose your preferred option and receive your excellent DJ mix delivered to you fresh from the pressing plant as soon as it's released, or you can download it for your own use to get the party started.