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The Team

MOVE YA! combines professional know-how from the DJ and music industry with the highest competence of the groupfitness industry. The flair and the passion for the right music at the right moment for the right movement creates products that motivate, train more effectively and lead to better training results. For nearly two decades, we have been helping millions of sports enthusiasts to enjoy their training. At MOVE YA! we passionately believe that there is more in music and movement. In addition to training or the personal inclusion in the world of groupfitness and sporting activity: as a coach you always have to stay at the ball. The world of music also shows emerging trends very early. This is how our sporty DJs can develop innovative products that offer a lot of attention to detail and intrinsic motivation of the highest quality. Flat hierarchies and a trust-based corporate philosophy also provide new ideas and create the right foundation for innovation.

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