CYCLING Subscription

For a perfect ride!

Rhythm, melody and sound are traditionally the secret recipe of a great cycling lesson. They take you on a journey and put you in a state of bliss. When you are sitting on your indoor cycling bike and the beat is roaring from the speakers, it's only a matter of time before you become one with your bike. Let's Ride with our CYCLING series - each release has a different theme. Incl. ride profile.

• Up to 24% savings
• Special prices on further purchases
• Immediate receipt after release
• Automatic download
• Annually 1 exclusive DJ MP3 album for free
• Always "up-to-date"

Easy Conditions

The initial term is 3 product releases in a row. If not cancelled, the subscription will be renewed for the next product release only and can be cancelled at any time by phone or in writing.

Short Subscription Stats

Release: 3x a year
Publication: February | June | October
BPM: div.
Format: MP3
Incl. 1 annual DJ Mix for free

MP3 Subscription

Payment for each issue: 21.90 USD (instead of 25.90 USD)
Annual Payment: 59.70 USD (corresponds 19.90 USD each issue)

As low as $21.90
Incl. 19% VAT, excl. Shipping Cost