L.I.I.T. Vol. 1

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Cover Version No
Royalty Free Yes
CD/MP3 albums 2
BPM 120/118
Duration ca. 263 min.
Explicit Lyrics No
Classes Crossfit / Athletic, Functional Training, H.I.T.T. / Intervalltraining, Jumping, Sling Training / TRX, Toning / Fatburner / BBP
Genre Charts Hits / Pop, Dance / Electronic / Club
L.I.I.T stands for Low Intensity Interval Training and is a low-impact, low-impact interval training. The differences to H.I.I.T are in the pace, duration and recovery phases, so accurate execution can be practiced at low intensity and pace. Nevertheless, to strengthen the cardiovascular system, L.I.I.T. workouts should be between 30 to 60 minutes in total. Our melodic, fresh low interval tracks in perfect beats are 100% coordinated with the needs of L.I.I.T. Everything fits, everything flows. L.I.I.T is a great workout for beginners as well as advanced. So now you know the theory and it's time for a workout! Go for it! 120 BPM - 4x 32 sec. load / 64 sec. rest 118 BPM - 4x 45 sec. load / 65 sec. rest
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