UNLIMITED FREE Music & Film Studio

Always the best sound for your classes: On- and offline.

MY! UNLIMITED FREE Music & Film GYM includes access to over 185+ royalty-free MOVE YA! Group Fitness Mixes (see current repertoire*) for gyms/ clubs/ practices etc.

On the one hand, the mixes can be publically used for teaching. On the other hand, the subscription includes the license to use this music for audiovisual recordings that can be streamed on your own website and all of your social media channels via livestream and via video-on-demand (streaming only, no download).

Licensed once they can be used worldwide for an unlimited time. There is no limit on the number of films and no additional costs (public performance fees, etc.).

You access the music via app, within which the mixes can also be downloaded. To generally download the mixes on PC/laptop you can book an upgrade.

The film license includes free use within existing customer groups/memberships or nonprofit streaming of the videos. For a paid use of the films, in the sense of providing them for a fee, there is the option of the upgrade GYM Plus.

Your advantages
- 2 accesses** via APP to all royalty-free fitness mixes
- 2-4 new releases per month
- License for public performance of the music
- Film license for social media projects, online classes & website or app
- Commercial use of the videos for advertising
- Free usage within existing studio memberships
- Paid usage, e.g. paid online courses or subscriptions for all through GYM PLUS upgrade
- Pitch control
- Creation of individual playlists
- Mix-Tool

* except for a few mixes (some AROHA & Lucia Schmidt titles)
** can be used actively on 2 mobile devices each

Info & questions: check the APP tutorial and the FAQ or contact us: info@move-ya.de or +49 4171/79599-0

For special offers/requests send us an e-mail to licensing@move-ya.de

Fitness Studios (1 location) & Athletic Clubs, Health Care Practices, Individual Fitness Instructors

Access to MY! UNLIMITED FREE via app (no download) / 2 accounts (2 accesses each)
Optional upgrade GYM Plus (download of mixes)

Monthly or yearly subscription

Monthly or yearly

Public performance with the music for educational purposes.
Use of the music for audiovisual projects in the following framework:
- Commercial use/utilization (self-marketing)
- Free use within existing clientele/memberships
- Paid use, e.g. offer of paid online courses or subscriptions for all as an option: Upgrade GYM Plus

Publication of the filmed projects must be within the period in which the subscription is active.

- Streaming (video-on-demand platforms)
- Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Zoom, Twitch, YouTube, etc. (in each case via the channel of the subscriber)
- The Studio’s/Instructor's/Practice's own homepage
- No download of the produced videos
- No mechanical duplication (CD/DVD)
- No sublicensing

Number of videos: UNLIMITED
Performers: UNLIMITED
License duration: UNLIMITED for films shot during the current subscription period

Publication of videos only under the respective name of the subscriber / or offer name & on their own media channels possible

Each video posted must include the following attribution:
Music is courtesy of MOVE YA! (tag us on the respective platforms with @MOVEYA)

Monthly report of the filmed movies to MOVE YA! via online form

The subscription is automatically renewed for the selected period, unless it is cancelled 4 weeks before the end of the annual subscription and 1 week before the end of the monthly subscription.


Convince yourself of UNLIMITED first before you finally decide on a subscription!

Simply select your subscription type and go through the payment process with zero payment.

* The trial period will be transferred to the selected subscription if not cancelled in the customer account 3 days before the trial period expires.
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