CYCLING #01 The Next Level - MP3

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Cover Version No
Royalty Free Yes
CD/MP3 albums 1
BPM div.
Duration ca. 65 min.
Explicit Lyrics No
Classes Cycling
Music style Chill, Dance / Electronic, House, Instrumental, Trance
Indoor cycling is the perfect workout for body and mind. You immediately feel the rhythm of the music enter your body and your legs move by themselves. Sometimes gentle, then energetic, almost unleashed in a world of its own. Reach your next level with a challenging interval training on the mountain. Change between relaxing stretches on the flat and steep climbs. Climb mountains you never thought you could with a perfectly selected soundtrack. You can experience all this with our new cycling production. The special thing about this MOVE YA! production is that we have composed and produced all these songs especially for indoor cycling. You won't find the songs of this production on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube etc., but exclusively on MOVE YA!. Enjoy The Ride!
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